General Guidelines and Policies



Parents will provide a lunch and two snacks (morning and afternoon), every day. Please avoid any candy or heavily sugared foods. We request all parents to please advise staff members of any food allergies or dietary concerns in advance as on special occasions, a snack may be provided for the children. Birthdays are celebrated at Chrysalis Child Care and parents are welcome to provide a “birthday treat” such as cookies or donut holes if they wish.


If your child is going to be absent from the centre, please call to inform us. Children must be well enough to participate in the indoor/outdoor program. If a child becomes ill at the centre, the parent will be notified to make arrangements to take the child home.

Parents must contact us immediately if a child contracts a communicable disease. Children must be kept out of the centre for the amount of time specified by VIHA concerning communicable disease in question. Appropriate inoculations must be current.

Items Needed From Home

Outdoor play is an important part of the day. Children must arrive seasonally dressed, prepared to play out of doors.


  • Warm coat with hood, boots (rubber or winter, depending on weather)
  • Hat, mittens (please no strings or gloves), muddy buddies (splash pants).


  • Sun hat, Sunscreen (or $2 towards group sunscreen)
  • Proper footwear for running

For indoor play, each child requires rubber-soled shoes (slip-on or velcro – please avoid shoelaces) to change into from outside. Please dress your child in washable play clothes as some of the art paint we use may be difficult to remove. Paint smocks are available but accidents happen. Please also provide your child with clothing that is easy to manage themselves as belts and snaps can be very difficult for little fingers to manipulate.

Children are discouraged from bringing toys from home unless the toy can be shared with the group (ex. books, cds, science items). If a child has difficulty settling at nap time, quiet or stuffed toys can be sent. Please provide a small blanket for nap time.


Important notices or messages will be posted on the bulletin board or issued in a newsletter to inform everyone of upcoming special events or changes to the program.

It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the centre promptly of any changes to the information on the registration form, particularly to the areas of emergency contact numbers, persons authorized to pick up children and medical information. This is for the child’s health and safety: if the centre is not kept up to date, it is difficult to act responsibly in emergency situations.