Daily Flexible Schedule

Children riding tricyclesBelow is an example of our daily flexible schedule. We list our schedule as flexible as depending on what interests the children and the weather, more time may be spent on one activity over another.

Children riding tricyclesAt Chrysalis, we consider child-directed freeplay an important activity and learning tool for children. Through play, children can freely explore their own interests as well as developing social, creative, and motor skills.

Circle time involves adult-led social activities such as singing and reading. Please note that children will be going outside to play everyday regardless of rain or sun. For a list of clothing suggestions and guidelines, please consult our Clothing section within our General Guidelines and Policies.


Daily Flexible Schedule

8:00  Centre Opens – Freeplay

9:30 Clean up, toileting, wash hands, snack time, book time

10:00 Circle time

10:30 Outside Freeplay

12:00 Lunch time

12:30  Toileting, wash hands, nap time/quiet time

1:30 Freeplay

3:00 Clean up, toileting, wash hands, snack time, book time

4:00 Outside Freeplay

5:00 Centre Closes